Teams in the USAU top 40 of RRI rankings are currently being approached on an individual basis to confirm interest. Commitments to attend (if team qualifies) will be updated here. If your team would like more information about the tournament, please contact us.

As a thought experiment – based on 2014 Final USAU Regular Season Rankings, the following teams would have been invited to UIC 2014.

Women’s Division

RRI Team Region/City
17 Green Means Go Philadelphia, PA
18 Wildfire San Diego, CA
19 Pop Minneapolis, MN
20 Hot Metal Pittsburg, PA
21 Nova Montreal, Quebec
22 Tabby Rosa Gainesville, FL
23 Outlaw Boise, ID
24 Viva Los Angeles, CA
25 Maeve Dallas, TX
26 Dish Chicago, IL
27 Inferno Houston, TX
28 Encore Nashville, TN
29 Jackwagon Denver/Boulder, CO
30 Spicy Tuna Chicago, IL
31 Vice Cambridge, MA
32 Outbreak Atlanta, GA

Men’s Division

RRI Team Region/City
15 Madison Club Madison, WI
17 High Five Ann Arbor, MI
19 Boost FC Crescent City, CA
20 Condors Santa Barbara, CA
21 Florida United Florida
22 Patrol Philadelphia, PA
23 Sprawl Phoenix, AZ
24 Streetgang San Diego, CA
25 Garden State Ultimate Princeton, NJ
26 Omen Orlando, FL
27 Dire Wolf Pittsburgh, PA
28 Inception Denver, CO
29 Voodoo Seattle, WA
30 Plex Dallas, TX
31 Southern Hospitality Alabama
32 H.I.P. Houston, TX

Mixed Division

RRI Team Region/City
17 Groove San Francisco, CA
18 American BBQ San Francisco, CA
19 Bird Minneapolis, MN
20 Cosa Nostra Austin, TX
21 D’Oh Abides Seattle, WA
22 Thoroughbred St. Louis, MO
23 Shuyamouf New York/CT
24 Ambiguous Grey Washington, D.C.
25 The Ghosts Cambridge, MA
26 Raleighwood Raliegh, NC
27 Steamboat Cincinatti, OH
28 Pluff Mud Panic Charleston, SC
29 Des Moines Metro Des Moines, IA
30 The Administrators Portland, OR
31 Birdfruit Seattle, WA
32 Dorado San Diego, CA