In order to offer bids early and allow teams to begin preparations, The Ultimate Invite Championships will be using a combination of USAU RRI along with some regular season tournament results to determine UIC invites. There will be an an emphasis on creating the greatest geographic diversity* for the event. Our first round of invitations will be sent August 26th, after the USAU concludes its regular season window.

The initial cut off using USA Ultimate’s RRI ranking will be #40 and above. Our working assumption is that the top 16 ranked teams, should they hold “seed” from the final RRI rankings, will qualify for USAU Championships, and that the next 16-24 would be available for UIC bids. The tournament directors reserve the right to invite teams outside that top 40 based on regular season tournament results.

*The UIC defines georgraphic diversity by state rather than USAU Region or Section. To see a map of which states are represented see the teams page. 


Current Women’s RRI

Current Men’s RRI

Current Mixed RRI